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Customer Service

We can claim that we have the best customer service among credit repair companies. Our customer service team members are very humble about customers’ problems and try to solve them with cheerfulness. This excellent customer service is one of the essential reasons for our high customer satisfaction rate.


We must keep our customers’ information safe and secure. We strongly respect your privacy, and we try to process the procedure in a secure and reliable method. This trustworthiness is another reason why many customers choose us.

24/7 Support

We are not asleep when everyone is. You can contact us seven days of a week at any time you want. We offer these support systems because your finance matters a lot. If it is midnight and you think you may face a financial issue in the future. Do not worry; just contact our counselors.

Free Consulting

We are one of the limited companies that offer free counseling before and during credit repair. We do care about your rights, and this is your right to get adequate knowledge before hiring a credit repair company. Moreover, this counseling may help you in managing your finance.

Arian Eghbali

I am the founder and CEO of Advance Credit Repair. My team and I have the target to help all the people with any amount of income to solve their financial problems. I get in touch with all customers from the very front and try to maintain the best credit repair team for solving your problems. We will fight for your past to create a better future for you.

Our Work Process

Free Counselling

You get a100% free counseling the moment you decide to purchase a service of Advanced Credit Repair. Our counselors study your problems and try to offer the best practical approach according to your conditions.

Regulate the Best Contract

Our specialists regulate a contract according to your condition and favor. They completely clear the arrangement for you. It is essential to know what are you signing to avoid further problems. Then they start to fight for your issues.

Dispute Your Problems

The moment you permit us, we start to work on your file. We dispute your credit problems with credit bureaus. If it is needed, our expert attorneys begin to argue your files in the trials. Our experienced and expert team put their best effort to solve your problems in a shorter time.

Report the Results to You

At the end of the procedure, we will report you about the process and results in detail. You will be entirely about your file’s status and the changes we have made to solve your financial issues.

Support You to Get the Best Result

Our support team will be next to you from the very first moment you start cooperating with Advanced Credit Repairs until you get the results. We are known for the fact that we won’t stop fighting for your financial problems until you want us to.

Other Services

During a registered procedure, you can enjoy our counsellors advice about your other financial problems. You may have hired our company for credit repair, but along with it, you can get help to manage your business or personal finance management.

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Our Services

Business Credit

Business credit is a scarce service offered by Advanced Credit Repair and a few other companies. This service provides small business owners to create a separate credit line for their business to enjoy pros such as higher credit limits.

Credit Repair

Our credit repair specialists offer the best practical approaches to solve your credit problems. Moreover, if you do not have a credit issue, you can refer to our credit service for credit boost, or for maintaining a healthier credit.