The Canadian Credit Repair Specialist Inc.

Who We Are?

We are an experienced team led by Mr. Arian Eghbali. We can claim that we are the best in the Credit Repair field in Canada. We present a bright history with thousands of successful financial and credit issues with over 98% customer satisfaction.

What do we do?

The moment you contact our company, our counselors give you free counseling. This counseling includes studying your case to offer the best available service and plans for you. Then you can decide about hiring us. After you signed a contract that our specialists would explain to you in detail, we start the procedure. First, we study your credit reports to find the errors. Then we begin to dispute the unverifiable and inaccurate information with your creditors.

We Are On Your Side Not the Collection Agencies.

Our credit experts have over 10 years of experience dealing with collectors, creditors, trustees, litigation, and most of all reporting agencies. Our knowledgeable and aggressive approach can be the edge you need when disputing the mistakes, errors, and wrongful reporting on your credit report.

In many cases, errors and mistakes caused by creditors can cost you thousands of dollars, cause you to be declined for financing, and sometimes even ruin your life financially. We can help you dispute both Equifax and TransUnion credit reports. Bad credit and mistakes that can hurt everyone!

Why should you choose us?

You should choose The Canadian Credit Repair Specialist because we let you get a free consult before deciding to hire us. Most of the other companies just bomber you with multiple advertisements to allure you to choose them.

Furthermore, at Canadian Credit Repair Specialist, you contact a real person, who works on your case dedicatedly. Here according to our policy, we respect all people with every type of income and any conditions. We never use the soft wares that offer the same programs to all people. We believe that everyone has a unique financial lifestyle and needs an individual finance management plan.

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